Every Issue of Carrier Pigeon #17 features one of ten original, solarplate etchings by A.J. Springer, a flip book by Andre Da Loba, acetate pages, a do-it-yourself paper sculpture wrap called "Dress Your Rocket" by contributing artist Michael McKeown and a foil stamped and embossed cover by the issue’s graphic designer, Kurt McGhee.

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Illustrated Fiction

Sports of Kings

by Rit Bottorf

Illustrations by Andre Da Loba


by Rudy Ravindra

Illustrated by Valera Ishakov

More than Enough

by Lorenzo Cabello

Illustrated by Dylan LaPointe

The Amazing Hancock Brothers

Written and Illustrated by John & James Hancock

Five More Minutes

by Jacob Mendelsohn

Illustrated by A.J. Springer

The Trees of Echols County

by Matt Braynard

Illustrated by Lauren Goldstein

Fine Art Portfolios

Fabienne Lasserre

Han Ji-Min

Ruth Marten

Beth Sutherland

Hans De Wit

Michael McKeown