What We Accept

  • Simultaneous submissions are OK: Please notify us if your work is published elsewhere.

  • We accept all genres and styles, Short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and short plays.

  • Multiple submissions: No more than 5 stories every 6 months.

  • Previously published material, so long as our printing of the material does not breach any previously agreed upon contracts.


Submission Deadlines

  • We have open submissions.


Where to Send


Formatting & Length Guidelines / Your submission should:

  • Send a PDF. Upon acceptance, a doc or docx version will be requested for editing.

  • Use standard Times New Roman 12 point font, unless a different font serves is absolutely necessary.

  • Double-spaced is preferred.

  • Name your document using the following format: LASTNAME_TITLE.

  • Include your email, phone number, and full name in the header on the first page.

  • PLEASE reread your material for spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Length. Fiction: 2,500 – 8,500 words for short fiction with standard formatting; flash fiction: A collection of 5-10 flash fiction stories per author;poetry: A collection of 5-10 poems per author.

  • Cover letter is optional, but if you choose to send one please be short and concise.


Response Time and Feedback

  • Expect a response within 1-6 months of submitting your material.

  • Carrier Pigeon’s content team is small. We ask that you be patient and if you do not hear from us within 6 months then feel free to send us an email checking in.

  • We do not give feedback upon rejection.


Editorial Process

Upon acceptance, you will receive an email from our copyeditor letting you know which issue your material will be a part of. Our copyeditor only fixes spelling and grammatical errors. The copyeditor will NOT rewrite or fix your material. After the copyeditor proofreads your material, you will receive an email with the suggested edits. You are expected to respond to the copyeditor in a timely manner.


Illustration Process

Upon acceptance, your material will be given to an artist to illustrate. We do not give illustrators’ names to our writers until after the illustrations are finished. We give everyone complete creative freedom with no art direction from any of the staff. We expect the artist to interpret your text as they see fit.


Upon Release

You will receive one copy of the issue with your work in it once we receive our full shipment from the printers. We do not pay; Carrier Pigeon is an all-volunteer effort. All revenue is used to finance the printing costs of future issues. You will be invited, as any friends and family, to our release exhibition. Most releases are held in a gallery space within NYC.


Thank you!