The publication's second issue is adorned on both front and back covers with an original hand-pulled and signed screen print created exclusively for the magazine by ten artists in ten editions of 100 magazines each. Artists Matt Barteluce, Christopher Darling, Kristy Caldwell, Stephen A. Fredericks, Rie Hasegawa, Ray Jones, Denise Kasof, Justin Sanz,Russ Spitkovsky and Bruce Waldman contributed original cover drawings for the complete edition of 1,000 magazines. In addition, the plastic containment bags are screen-printed with a design by Jason Punches, the designer of the issue. Complete sets of each of the magazine’s ten cover variations will be made available, as will a very limited edition of separately signed prints housed in custom portfolios.

Volume 1 Issue 2

Illustrated Fiction

Black Hole Pacifica
by Victor Giannini
Illustrations by Eric Collins

When the World Screamed
by Ben Schaeffer
Illustrations by Bruce Waldman

by Christopher Stanton
Illustrations by Kristy Caldwell

by Ryan Scamehorn
Illustrations by Matt Barteluce

No Supervision
by Russ Spitkovsky
Illustrations by Ray Jones

Power, Hunger, Hubert and Sam
by Daniel Borreli
Illustrations by Russ Spitkovsky


Fine Art Portfolios

Michael Kovener

Joo Chung

Jahee Yu

Denise Kasof

Rie Hasegawa

Avraham Eilat.

Issue no. 2 designer Jason Punches is based in New York and currently works for his own company, Tag Collective.