Carrier Pigeon #7 Volume 2 Issue 3
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Each copy of Carrier Pigeon Vol. II issue 3 includes a unique cover design that contains components for a DIY, magnetic, paper sculpture by Adam Lister. Instructions for assembly are included on the belly band.


Illustrated Fiction

Repository Emporium
by Gloria Beth Amodeo
Illustrations by Kirsten Flaherty

Five Out of Six Ain't Bad
by Ben Fleming
Illustrations by Joo Chung & Chang Park,  Kenichi Hoshine, Young Heller, Rachel Pontious, Regino Gonzales, Victoria Adduci

What the Fire Cost Us
by Nick Kolakowski
Illustrations by Myles Karr

Good Dog
by Erin Browne
Illustrations by Marshall Arisman

by Todd Colby
Illustrations by Ray Jones

Clarence Belk
by Daniel Borrelli
Illustrations by Max Kahan


Fine Art Portfolios

Steve Johnson

Craig Shannon

Adam Lister

Natalya Balnova

Hye Young Shin

Kreh Mellick

The magazine covers open to front and back end pages featuring compositions from printmaker and frequent contributor Justin Sanz. Each copy of the magazine, limited to a retail edition of just 1,000, represents an original collectable unto itself. As with the previous six issues, the content comprises six short works of fully illustrated fiction and six international artist portfolios.

Fction contributions include Gloria Beth Amodeo’sclever and eerily humorous tale titled “Repository Emporium,” illustrated with gorgeously rendered graphite drawings by Kirsten Flaherty. Ben Flemingoffers a choreographed spiral through an afternoon of endurance with “Five Out of Six Ain’t Bad,” punctuated by a collaborative effort among illustrators Joo Chungand Chang Park, who created their imagery together;Regino Gonzales; Young Heller; Kenici Hoshine;and Rachel Pontious. “What the Fire Cost Us,” written by Nick Kolakowski, delves into the lives of multiple generations of a rural family, accompanied by violent and personal black and white illustrations from graphic artist Myles Karr. Erin Browne’s “Good Dog” is a powerful commentary about the lives of post war veterans coupled with illustrations by renowned artistMarshall Arisman; this one-act play was originally based on an etching by Carrier Pigeon contributorFrances Jetter as part of a public, collaborative event produced in New York by Flux Theatre Ensemble. Poet Todd Colby provides twelve beautifully crafted poems, which are complemented by Ray Jones’thoughtful ink work; the combination yields the kind of great trip progressive American poetry and art have been making together for more than a century. “Clarence Belk” is a satisfyingly dark, psychological conceit from return contributors Daniel Borrelli and artist Max Kahan.

The first of the fine-art portfolios is a collection of mixed media works by Steve Johnson, who depicts often-overlooked animals competing over their small corners of the Earth. Etcher Craig Shannon shares a collection of that focuses on the physical presence of the body. Adam Lister, painter of the issue’s front cover and creator of the DIY sculpture, also provides a portfolio of images depicting other recent sculptures combining magnets with abstract paintings. Lister’s work is colorful, geometric and cool. Natalya Balanova uses etchings to explore inner landscapes featuring imaginary people, plants, animals and other living objects. Hye Young Shin contributes a fascinating portfolio of large-format, exquisite graphite drawings and lithographs of the human body from her “We Are” series, as well as photographs of her absorbing foot washing performances, accompanied by personal texts. Kreh Mellick’s uneasy alliance with 19th-century folk art yields a series of limited-color, narrative figure drawings that round out the issue.

Volume II issue 3 of Carrier Pigeon magazine is full-color, 10”x13” and totals 148 pages. The cover is printed on 240g Rendezvous paper, and the text pages are printed on Rendezvous 106g paper. The issue designer is Irving Grunbaum, an advertising designer, photographer and sculptor in New York.