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  • $5 Pledge: you will receive a great feeling for simply supporting a sincere artistic endeavor.
  • $10 Pledge: you will receive 5 back issue buttons.
  • $20 Pledge: you will receive 10 buttons from past issues + 3 Sean Starwars stickers from issue 12!
  • $30 Pledge: you can choose between a Sean Starwars CP12 T-Shirt, a Matt Barteluce CP15 Shirt or a Rob Swainston CP16 shirt
  • $40 Pledge & Pre-Order of CP17!
  • $50 Pledge: FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY. We are pulling 10 Copies of the sold out Issue 6 from our Vault for supporters pledging $50!  Once we sell out (again) of CP6, $50 pledges can choose:  Any back issue still available and a special t-shirt / Any back issue still available and a mini print / Complete mini print set of UFOs
  • $100 Pledge: you will receive a pre-order of CP17, your choice of 1 back issue (still available) and your choice of t-shirt!
  • $150 Pledge: you will receive a subscription plus one of our mini prints!
  • $300 Pledge: you will receive a subscription starting with the current issue (CP16) and a limited edition silkscreen by Matt Barteluce: 'Woo Woo', 2-color Screenprint 22x30" valued at $500
  • $400 Pledge: you will receive: a copy of CP13 plus complete set of Christina Pumo Artist Proofs / a copy of CP15 and a complete set of prints by Matt Barteluce / a copy of CP14 and a  complete set of prints by Evan Summer / a pre-order copy of CP17 and a set of prints by A.J. Springer
  • $500 pledge: you will receive a one-on-one creative workshop at our studio space located at 6903 Jackson Street, Guttenberg NJ.  Choose between: solar plate etching with Christina Pumo / intaglio etching with Russ Spitkovsky / ceramics with Phoebe Deutsch /Woodblock printing with Matt Barteluce
  • $1000 pledge: you receive one of everything from our store (t-shirts, prints, books, buttons & stickers) as well as patron credits in CP17! 

By donating to our cause you will be supporting a platform determined to spreading creativity and cognitive thought. The artistic community leads the world in questioning what is and what should be, but it can only do that with opportunities that allow for absolute self expression.



    Illustrated Fiction

    Sports of Kings

    by Rit Bottorf

    Illustrations by Andre Da Loba


    by Rudy Ravindra

    Illustrated by Valera Ishakov

    More than Enough

    by Lorenzo Cabello

    Illustrated by Dylan LaPointe

    The Amazing Hancock Brothers

    Written and Illustrated by John & James Hancock

    Five More Minutes

    by Jacob Mendelsohn

    Illustrated by A.J. Springer

    The Trees of Echols County

    by Matt Braynard

    Illustrated by Lauren Goldstein


    Fine Art Portfolios

    Fabienne Lasserre

    Han Ji-Min

    Ruth Marten

    Beth Sutherland

    Hans De Wit

    Michael McKeown

    Carrier Pigeon Magazine is an uncensored platform which gives artists, graphic designers and writers an opportunity to showcase their work in the most honest light. The Magazine is a volunteer venture and all of the money we raise from sales goes directly back into funding the printing of future issues. We began Carrier Pigeon with the belief that artistic freedom is a right and the only way that we can elevate an artistic vision is by creating something that lives by that belief.

    Six years ago, Carrier Pigeon Magazine was born out of a crowdfunding campaign which sparked the necessary funding needed to print the first issues. Since then, we've been able to publish sixteen issues of Carrier Pigeon by selling magazines, shirts, pins, and original artwork hand to hand at exhibitions, markets, conferences and really, any place that will have us. As we kept printing, our books have become thicker in page count, have grown to include internationally known artists from over xxx number of countries, and have always included a handmade piece of artwork with every issue. Artists that participate in our magazine are given freedom to work without any boundaries or censorship, creating a magazine which is a truly creative artwork in itself.  

    Through the dedication of our volunteers, Carrier Pigeon has been able to take the original campaign funding we raised six years ago to publish the first issue and continue to print fifteen more issues afterwards. We are thrilled to say that Carrier Pigeon Issue 17 is edited, finished and ready to print. This time around, we are looking to raise $12,000 within the next three weeks to bring issue 17 to life . Join us in the effort to bring our 17th issue to our subscribers, new readers and enthusiasts around the globe—please donate today.

    We will print a limited edition of 1,000 of Issue 17, featuring one of ten original, solarplate prints by A.J. Springer, a hand-made flip book by Andre Da Loba, a do-it-yourself paper sculpture called "Dress Your Own Rocket" by contributing artist Michael McKeown. And to top it all off, CP17 will be encased in a gold foil cover by the issue’s graphic designer, Kurt McGhee.