Illustrated Fiction

The Honor Among Thieves
by Ryan Scamehorn
Illustrations by Carol Fabricatore

Persona Ward
by Ryan Warwick
Illustrations by Joseph Marshall

The Girl who was Struck by Lightning
by Christopher Stanton
Illustrations by Maude White

Everything I Do Hurts Somebody
by Nick Kolakowski
Illustrations by Matt Barteluce

The Inviting Neighbors of Eldervale
by Elahzar Rao
Illustrations by Yuriko Katori

Fiver Course Meal
by Josh Saltzman
Illustrations by Justin Sanz

Fine Art Portfolios

Jennifer Ale

Chuck Webster

Alex Zwarenstein

Glen Baldridge

Jessica Dunne

Bill Fick

Carrier Pigeon #9 Volume 3 Issue 1
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The publishers of Carrier Pigeon are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of Volume III, which continues to merge edgy contemporary fiction with fine art, illustration and design combined with new and established voices from each discipline for a growing audience of independent press fans. The latest issue will be released on April 19th, 2013.

The issue cover is an original three-color letterpress artwork created expressly for Carrier Pigeon byRichard Kegler at the Western New York Book Arts Center through a labor-intensive process described in the feature “Making the Cover.” The end pages feature two colorful etchings by Ellen Peckham in support of haiku. Carrier Pigeon’s ninth issue is limited to a retail edition of just 1,000 copies, making each uniquely collectible. As with previous issues, the content comprises six short works of fully illustrated fiction and six artist portfolios pulled from an international pool of talent.

The inside pages are the result of an evolving collaborative process between new and established illustrators, writers, and fine artists.

Ryan Scamehorn’s “Honor Among Thieves” is a haunting tale of drug-induced paranoia paired with fittingly hallucinatory illustrations by educator and illustrator Carol Fabricatore. “Persona Ward” is a collection of spare, narrative poems from newcomerRyan Warwick, accompanied by bold woodcuts from artist-printmaker Joseph Marshall. “The Girl Who Was Struck by Lightning” is an otherworldly tale byChristopher Stanton, rooted by black & white silhouettes formed from cut paper by Maude White. “Everything I Do Hurts Somebody,” a morbid ramble of desire, envy and fiery revenge by repeat contributorNick Kolakowski, comes to life through appropriately creepy illustrations by Matthew BarteluceElahzar Rao hosts a Twilight Zone-style dinner party in “The Inviting Neighbors of Eldervale,” to which Yuriko Katori adds her stylishly quirky drawings. “Five Course Meal” by Josh Saltzman would be plain revolting if it weren’t also hilarious. Justin Sanzliterally paints the picture.

First up among the artist portfolios in this issue isJennifer Ale’s collection of evocative dreamscapes, expertly executed in aquatint etching. Chuck Websterfollows with a vibrant array of monotype and oil works exploring a personal Sanskrit. Oil painter Alex Zwarentstein offers an adventurous series of urbanites “dressed in historical limbo.” The multi-talented Glen Baldridge presents a portfolio of his anxious and witty graphic scenarios in mixed media.Jessica Dunne’s passion and yearning for the dark, starlit skies of her youth is portrayed in a soft collection of nocturnes. Finally, contemporary graphic artist Bill Fick shares with us his ever “ugly/scary” and provocative creatures.