Threaded through the back cover of every copy is a collectible letterpress artist book, The Latest Thing in Kites, by Christopher Fritton. In addition, an acetate folio of artwork by Dunja Jankovic is bound to the interior. Featured portfolio artist Carlos Hernandezdesigned the cover, and returning artist Joe Kupillasillustrates the front and back end pages with reproductions of his provocative photo-collages. The interior features six short works of fully illustrated and personal fiction and six artist portfolios from international voices. Limited to a run of 1,000 copies, each copy of Carrier Pigeon is an original, collectible object.

The first short story is Ali Simpson’s “Perform your Function,” an eerie tale about the mechanical upgrading of human parts, accompanied by art from illustrator Paula Searing. “The White Whale” is an adventure in magical realism from Nick Kolakowski,illuminated with dreamscape monotypes by Rachel Burgess. “Receipt,” a smart, sci-fi trip in warped space-time by Edward Kearns, is paired with Josh Bayer’s darkly humorous pen and ink drawings. “Machine” is a haunting tale from Alexa Wejko about death and re-birth, gruesomely observed by artist Rob Corradetti. Matthew Miranda contributes a brutal take on making deals with the devil in “Black Jesus,” brought to life by Bruce Waldman’s chilly monotypes and vivid drawings. Lastly, Victor Giannini’s “Thank you, Death Robot” is a broken-hearted tale of love and loss accompanied by fresh new artwork from Kirsten Flaherty.

Launching the six artist portfolios are Sean Matthews’photographs of provocative sculptural explorations in his unique visual grammar. Carlos Hernandez follows with a gorgeous collection of uber-contemporary graphic art posters and bills. Dunja Jankovic’sportfolio features bold, graphic artwork printed on acetate from the book Overview of the Mutation. Mark Aquino-Michaels presents a meditation on the duality of good and evil in his fantasy-based etchings.Patricia J. Wynne shares a wealth of her sophisticated etchings and drawings in her series of wildlife compositions, and Cameron Fuller presents a photo series of his brilliant, imaginary, and often abstracted visual landscapes.

Volume III Issue 3 of Carrier Pigeon magazine is full-color, 10” x 13” and totals 140 pages. The interior is printed on Rendezvous 106 gram paper. The issue was designed by Denise Bosler


Illustrated Fiction

Perform Your Function
by Ali Simpson
Illustrations by Paula Searing

The White Whale
by Nick Kolakowski
Illustrations by Rachel Burgess

by Edward Kearns
Illustrations by Josh Bayer

by Alexa Wejko
Illustrations by Rob Corradetti

Black Jesus
by Matthew Miranda
Illustrations by Bruce Waldman

Thank You, Death Robot
by Victor Giannini
Illustrations by Kirsten Flaherty

Fine Art Portfolios

Sean Matthews

Carlos Hernandez

Dunja Jankovic

Marc Aquino-Michaels

Patricia J. Wynne

Cameron Fuller

Carrier Pigeon #11 Volume 3 Issue 3
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