Every copy of CP13 includes, one of 10 solarplate etchings by Christina Pumo. Editioned at 100 prints each. A die cut dust jacket by Lauren Purje, and a fold out poster by Scott Teplin. Carrier Pigeon 13 is designed by Mark Bieri and Jeff Terzi of Suyn Projects.


Illustrated Fiction

Written by J.S. Belote
Illustrated by Keren Katz

How Small the Earth You’ve Made
Written by Amara VerValin
Illustrated by Morgan Jesse Lappin

Fly Away
Written by Rebecca Stahl
Illustrated by Lori Nelson

Rock Fight
Written by Mike Borth
Illustrated by Kevin McCloskey

Antique Shop
Written by Danilo Lopez
Illustrated by Edwin Vazquez

Written by Rick Bursky
Illustrated by Yael Balaban

Fine Art Portfolios

Seth Michael Forman

Zohar Cohen

Scott Teplin

Dan Welden

Charles Yoder

Christina Pumo

Carrier Pigeon #13 Volume 4 Issue 1
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